i'll take you to a place under the sky with many fairytales



it's kinda weird. gimana gue selalu berdoa ke Tuhan tiap kali gue pengen ngeliat dia, ketemu ama dia. gue selalu doa "Ya Tuhan, aku pengen banget liat dia sebelom aku pulang(dsb) buat terakhir kalinya. kalo emang jodoh, Tuhan tolong ketemuin lagi, ijinin buat liat dia lagi untuk terakhir kalinya, tapi kalo dia ngga jodoh ama aku, Tuhan tolong jangan temuin kita lagi. supaya aku ngga ngarep yang muluk-muluk buat bisa bareng aa dia. Tolong ya Tuhan"
dan lalu setiap kali abis doa gitu, gue langsung ketemu dia lagi, ngeliat dia lagi. kenapa harus gitu ya Tuhan, kalo emang aku ama dia ga akan pernah bisa bareng, kenapa semua ditunjukkin gini. kenapa ditemuin lagi? kenapa harus ketemu dia? kenapa harus dia? kenapa bukan orang lain?


that simple "don't worry"

every single word from you....
it's all successful made my day
you'll never know it
how your simple words already raise my spirit and my confidence
and when you say don't worry....
it's just like i felt there's a magic strange power worked in me and make not worry about anything anymore
except one thing maybe
i just worry to know that we won't be together in the future
i'm afraid of not being with you
because there's only you in my day, in my life, in my mind, in my heart....
but what else can i do then?